Go out. Check in. Stay safe.

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iStaySafe is the perfect app for teenagers who want freedom, independence and responsibility.

You want to go out without getting those embarrassing phone calls from your parents! But they worry about you and want to be able to help if there’s an emergency. iStaySafe is different to other apps.We’ve all seen the TV show Big Brother, but who wants to be watched by their parents all of the time?  With iStaySafe we give you the responsibility to check in with your parents instead of them tracking you. You get the freedom to say if there is a real emergency.

1.Send Pic & Map.
Send a picture and your map location to friends and family.


2. Check in reminder.
Set automatic reminders so you don’t forget to check in.

3. Emergency Alert.
Send an emergency alert if you need help. This will allow your friends and family to track your location for the next 24 hours.

Go out. Check in. Stay safe.

Go out & Check In
With one easy button click you can send a picture of yourself to your friends and family. You can choose between using either the front or back camera on your phone.

Send Map Location
As well as sending a picture of yourself a map is sent showing your location. You can choose to send messages by both email and SMS.

Check in Reminders
They say that time flies when you're having fun. You may forget to check in, but your parents will be waiting to hear from you! Don't worry, you can set automatic reminders. 

Emergency Alert
If you are ever in an emergency, sending an alert will notify your friends and family. They will then be able to track your location for the next 24 hours.


You can get in touch with us via the following methods if you have any issues with our app.

Support Page: http://support.istaysafeapp.com

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